Monday, February 27, 2012


People.  I have reached a major milestone in the quilting project.  Sadly, I was reminded that I started this project 3.5 years ago.  BUT, I can proudly say that I finished the quilt top.  All it took was:

  • a sewing "extravaganza" (a 6-hour block of time last Saturday) organized by the craftiest person on earth, Morgan Wilson
  • complimentary grilled cheese, salad, and Diet Coke
  • someone else to figure out that my manual knob wasn't working because I had the bobbin loader clicked on (yes, this wasted about 30 minutes in troubleshooting)
  • a lesson in seam ripping :(
Here is the evidence of this heroic result.  

What I looked like...
...what I felt like

Wow, this quilt is doing good things for me.  Seriously though, I really needed a sense of accomplishment.  It was a fun day.  

Kappa Alpha Theta takes the lead with the most t-shirts represented:  10
Favorite shirts:  Theta fish, Bethany Surf Shop, and Theta/Sigma Chi "Top Gun" shirt (mostly because it says "Take me to bed... or lose me forever" and I wore that in public, on a regular basis)
Weirdest shirt:  "Juniaology: The Study of Junia"  Apparently I am a complex person (thanks ST)

Next steps:  
  • Making the quilt sandwich.  This means using hundreds of safety pins to affix the top to the batting and the backing fabric.  I can't wait.
  • Stitching in the ditch.  This means sewing the whole thing together by sewing directly on top of the seams between each square.  Again, can't wait.